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Jazz Wedding Song

Cecelia drifts her blue scale down
Nails against brass keys glittering
Up in note-smoke/cracks a man
So he gets up on a table to sing

Holysong, fast-water-rushalong-song
To jazzlike heaven/godly lick
Flickers love tunes high as brushfire
Where the flood-low drums cackle & kick:

Love run/love fly/love run long
Gallop apace/thought-speed/light-size
Bring wind joyheartswelling & song
Bat down day/make the stars rise

Love song Cecelia blow hot thunder/
love run round in the belly of the drum/
love come ride on husbands’ shoulders/
love come

by zachary cohn

2016 In Review: My Favorite Music

2016 may have been a disaster of a year in many regards, but it was not lacking when it came to music releases. There were a lot of albums I enjoyed immensely, many I liked but didn't listen to enough, and countless that I'll have to catch up on in 2017. I can't make an "objective" list because I missed out on a lot of releases, but below are my 21 favorites from 2016, as well as several runners-up that I didn't spend enough time with; links to reviews and how to listen are included.

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2016 In Review: My Favorite Performances

I saw 92 shows, concerts, operas, etc., in 2016 (including seeing some performances more than once). That number feels very small for me, but it's about average since I moved to New York. (I saw about 100 in 2015.) 2 shows a week isn't too bad! I saw quite a range of productions: big Broadway hits, small cabarets, regional theatre in Birmingham, Alabama, small off-Broadway shows that I'm still thinking about ... Below, in alphabetical order, are my 21 favorites from 2016.

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