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Gil Evans Help

I'm writing a research paper comparing the original Porgy & Bess with the Gil Evans/Miles Davis version from the last 1950s. I can't get access to the Evans scores because I don't have the money needed to rent them (I'll take donations, though!), so I'll do some transcribing of the things I need to do.

What I can't figure out, though, is:

  • Are the scores that I could rent Evans' original scores, or are they transcriptions (perhaps based on a piano sketch, like the 1 score I found in Steve Lajoie's book is ...)?

I was under the impression that the original scores were lost, but I also read that they were found in a warehouse ... I've read that the recent Chicago Jazz Orchestra recorded was made with transcriptions, but then I read it was made with the originals ... I thought that the Miles Davis/Quincy Jones Montreaux concert used transcriptions, but now I'm hazy on that point, too.

Does anyone know the fate of Gil Evans's scores for Porgy & Bess? It would help me out a lot, and I could know, too, if the $300 rental fee would actually be worth the cost for my project.

Comment below or email me .... MANY MANY THANKS!!!!!

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