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Tuesday's Poem - 11/9/10

Love Poem

The moment has arrived
to write a love poem
Most of you
will be familiar with the feeling
But finding the words
the candid tone
the faint tremor of the voice
this is what we'll try to accomplish today
To explain anything
would be a mistake
face with countless ambiguities
our readers would desert us in droves
we should determine
whom or what we propose to love
women children dogs mankind the universe
I personally would disregard dogs
and target the brunette next door
With a bit of luck
she'll turn into another Laura
or Suleika
Those keen on detail
should concentrate on a particular feature
the chin the back of the knee the curve of a bosom
by contrast
are bound to use a broader canvas
comman a leagion of Lauras
embrace one or all of the gods
As for style and technique
paradox euphemism or aposiopesis
would suit our purpose
Now kindly start writing

by Alfred Brendel, in One Finger Too Many (1998)

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