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Musical Advent Calendar, Day 21: Aimee Mann

My Mission: One holiday-themed, non-carol song every day between now & Christmas. It's my own version of an Advent calendar. I may succeed, I may fail, but there will at least be some good music posted ... music you won't hear at the mall, that hopefully won't make you end up looking like him. ----->

(Backstage with Aimee Mann, about 2003)Day 21 (4 to go!): "Calling on Mary," "I Was Thinking I Could Clean Up For Christmas" & "Whatever Happened to Christmas" by Aimee Mann, and Aimee Mann's Christmas Shows. (Aimee Mann released a Christmas album, One More Drifter in the Snow, in 2006. She has been doing Christmas shows for 5 years - sometimes touring with her comedian & musician friends, sometimes just performing in the San Francisco area [like Largo]. Her Christmas album is beautiful, and below are two "live" performances of tracks on the album. Check out info about her musical-in-progress, based on her album The Forgotten Arm.)

The promos for her Christmas shows are hilarious, with Michael Cera, John Krakowski, Ben Stiller, John C Reilly, Will Farrell, etc. etc. (caution: swear words are present):

(You can see previous songs here. Email me or comment below if you have a tune suggestion!)

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