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New Bach Arrangement for Piano

Before your throne, I now appear ... turn not your gracious face from me, a poor sinner ...

Over on my Arrangements page, I have just uploaded a new arrangement I recently finished, of Bach's "deathbed chorale," Vor deinen Thron tret ich hiermit.

This has long-been my favorite chorale by Bach, and it's easily in the top 5 of all of his compositions, as far as I'm concerned.

The piece is sneaky; it sounds so simple, and perhaps the hymn melody is, but the counterpoint that makes up the bulk of the piece is anything but. It's challenging to play on the piano, but worth the effort. If you're unfamiliar with the piece, you can read about it here.

Perhaps ironically, my favorite recording is the Frackenpohl arrangement for Canadian Brass, although Angela Hewitt's new recording for Hyperion Records runs a close second. It's often performed at the conclusion of The Art of Fugue, which has been arranged for countless instrument combinations, so there are many different versions of this chorale available online.

The arrangement is free to download; I would love to hear from you if you perform or record the piece - please contact me through the link to the left, or via social media links to the right.

Thanks, as always, for reading and for your support!

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