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Cast Album Review: "Two's Company"

I have a new review posted over at CastAlbums.orgTwo's Company, a 1952 revue starring Bette Davis. It's a pleasant album, but one that definitely shows its age (and demonstrates how much Bette Davis was not a singer).

I applaud efforts to remaster, restore, and release albums of shows that have been forgotten. Will this be a big seller? No. Will it likely just end up in the collections of the most die-hard fans? Yes. But that's better than it being left by the wayside and ignored.

This album also shows two things that are still readily seen on Broadway today: one, that a team of creatives at their prime, with a solid track record of success, might not always produce a great musical; two, that even shows that were popular in their time can be forgotten as the years go on. What is popular today might easily fade away in five years, only to be remembered by the most enthusiastic of fans.

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