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My Real Book Still Works

I'm proud to report that, even though it was a little dusty, my Real Book still functions properly. I won't go so far as to say it's aged like a fine wine - the missing table of contents and back pages would say otherwise - but it's still functional. I got it at Birch Creek Jazz Camp when I was in 11th grade (and somehow I've acquired both a Bb and bass clef version over the years, in what will probably go down as one of life's great mysteries) and put it to a lot of good use, but I haven't had much reason to use it lately.

But I brought it out for I had a gig two weeks ago at Krannert Center with two fine singers. We played for a wine tasting, and centered our musical presentation around showtunes. I played some solo tunes, and one of those - clearly not a showtune - was Fleurette Africaine by Duke Ellington:

I hadn't played this piece in public in a very long time, probably since my busy gigging days of late high school and early college. I love it, and while my rendition isn't as great as Vijay Iyer's (that goes without saying), I'm still happy with it.

Thanks for watching and listening!

Finding Lost Enthusiasm

(Subtitled "An Encounter with T.S. Monk") I'm an enthusiastic person. I get easily excited about things, and tend to dive in head first to topics and projects, which usually then ends up with me being burned out and either leaving something unfinished or wanting to avoid the topic forever. I dislike this aspect of me, and one of the things I work on constantly is to level out - not my enthusiasm, necessarily, but how much work I do, so I can sustain it. "It's a marathon, not a sprint" sort of idea ... (read more)
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