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U2 Does Clave

Yet another entry for my clave pattern list ... I previously noted how Gershwin used a clave pattern, as did Justin Bieber, George Michael & Bow Wow Wow. This pattern keeps popping up - you'll hear it in many, many places! (I think that's why I find it so fascinating.)

Like U2's "Desire," from their 1988 album Rattle & Hum. The pulse permeates the entire piece! PS Check out Bono's hair. Old school!


By xrayspx, via Wikimedia Commons

Gershwin & the Clave

A few weeks ago I wrote about the 3-2 Clave pattern and how it appears in a recent Justin Bieber hit, as well as many other musics. In my Gershwin class today I heard it again:

The beginning of Act III, Scene 3 of Porgy & Bess (the final scene).

It's a little different, using quarter-note triplets instead of the typical 3-note figure, but the effect is the same.

The excerpt has many examples of the 3-2 clave pattern, and the score below starts about the 55 second mark. It's interesting that Gershwin used this, not because he wasn't familiar with Latin or Spanish music (see: Cuban Overture), but that so much of the Porgy & Bess score is based on a well-crafted blend of blues, jazz, spiritual, modernist music (for the 1930s) and European opera - but to my knowledge this is the only Latin-influenced part in the opera.

Justin Bieber Has the Spanish Tinge

One of the things I find interesting in pop music is the proliferation of the clave rhythm, which originated in Spanish/Latin music and is found in a lot of salsa, mambo, Latin jazz, etc., music. The clave is found in two popular tunes from the 80s: Faith by George Michael & I Want Candy by Bow Wow Wow. (For more visit
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