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The Spirit of "Messiah"

This past weekend I conducted selections from Handel's Messiah at my parents' church in my hometown. This was the church that I grew up in, was confirmed in, where I got my start as an accompanist, learned to play handbells in, and sang in the choirs. My mom and step-dad are still members there, as is my grandma. In the late 70s my dad was the choir director there. (For more visit
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Conducting Videos

I just found the only video I have of me conducting, from my final semester of undergrad, Spring 2005. I worked with the University Band at UW-Eau Claire the entire semester, and thought I'd post the piece that we performed. Robert Jager's Third Suite is a jovial little piece, with the first movement alternating between 7/4 & 5/4, the limpy Waltz in 5 (ala Tchaikovsky) and an exciting Rondo to end the piece. (For more visit
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