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Album Review: "Stages" by Josh Groban

My review of Josh Groban's seventh album Stages, devoted exclusively to musical theatre music, is up on Spoiler alert: I wasn't a fan of the album, mostly because each song blurred into the next. The album needs more variety in its arrangements.

Also, this was my first review to garner a comment! Someone disagreed with my take on the album, but glancing through other reviews on the Internet, I'm not too surprised: I seem to have written one of the few less-than-positive reviews out there.

I wish Groban would have been a little more adventurous in his programming and arrangements. He has proven his artistry and developed a fan base; now would be the perfect time for him to vary his routine. Anyone who follows Groban on Twitter or has seen his talk show appearances knows that he has a sense of humor and lively personality. I miss that on this album. A little humor or wit could have made the entire project stronger.

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