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The Transfiguration of Schubert

Lincoln Center has a promotional video for their new spaces that features Schubert's Impromptu in G-flat, Op 90, No 3, with a slight twist.

(The performance is by the Ted Rosenthal Trio, off of their Impromptu album.)

Joseph Kriehuber [Public domain], via Wikimedia CommonsSome might consider this Afro-Cuban take on such a famous, solemn piece sacrilegious, but I dig it. It's well-done, clear that they're not just trying to make a bad cross-over tune. (Check out the pianist's left hand at the beginning!) It's similar in nature to some takes on classical music by Uri Caine or Theo Bleckmann, and some popular songs by The Bad Plus.

One thing I like about jazz versions of classical or pop music - and even some mash-ups - is that if they're done well they can illuminate something new about the original piece. They give us the permission to hear the piece in a new way.

For some more examples:

(I'm not sure why the Three Stooges are present ...)

Thanks to @musicgirlnyc for originally sharing the video above.

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