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Maria Schneider Quote

I love this beautiful quote from Maria Schneider. It's so simple, yet something we musicians probably tend to forget to do more than we'd like to admit.

You can see Ms Schneider's enthusiasm and passion in her conducting of her band playing Bolería, Soléa & Rumba in the following clips - one of my personal favorites of her compositions, and from her Grammy-winning 2004 album Concert in the Garden.

Coach John Wooden

Coach John Wooden passed away yesterday, June 4, 2010, at 99 years of age. The man was a giant of the basketball world, spending decades at UCLA, coaching the team to 10 NCAA championships and leaving with a record unmatched, 885-203. Yet his influence went far beyond the basketball court, thanks to his simple style of living and a number of maxims ... (read more)
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