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Everything is a Remix

Everything is a Remix from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

via www.thepriatesdilemma.comKirby Ferguson is putting together a four-part series called "Everything Is a Remix." He has two episodes out so far. (The embed above is the first, dealing with music. The second, dealing with movies, is available here.)

Remixes are a part of our contemporary musical culture. Along with mash-ups, they're a great way for even the most amateur musician to have a creative outlet. All you really need is a way to edit the music. (You get bonus points if it's uploaded on YouTube and goes viral.)

The above video is very interesting and well-composed, and it touches on the notion that all music is based on something else. Impressions is based on So What. Coldplay is based on early Radiohead. Early Beethoven is based on Haydn. Everything comes from something else.

How can we use the idea of remixes to expand the classical music audience? How can we use them in music education? Is modern copyright law properly equipped to deal with the concept of the remix?

(Visit Everything Is a Remix, and follow him on Twitter.)

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