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"Bard" Video

As I've blogged about earlier, I recently revised a transcription of Brad Mehldau's "Bard" from his 1999 album Elegiac Cycle. It's a deceptive piece, looking (and sounding) pretty easy, but the constant harmonic shifts add new levels of difficulty.

I recorded the audio on my iPhone (using iTalk Lite), and the video was recorded on a Sony Cybershot. I know the audio doesn't sync up all the time (I wasn't playing with a click track ...), and the visual transitions are abrupt, but I figure that just gives me something more to work on with my next video. I had hoped to include a few still images, too, but I couldn't get that part to work out right.

Regardless, I'm pretty happy with the video, both the playing and the rookie editing. The faces I make, though ... that's a different story.

The transcription of this piece is posted on my Arrangements page.

Also check out videos of the production of Songs For a New World I co-directed this summer, currently on my Video page (soon to shift to a different location) and my YouTube Channel.

And, as always, comments are welcome - here, on YouTube, etc. I have them moderator-approved only to keep spam off the walls.

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