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Arrangements & Transcriptions updates

Some arrangements and transcriptions - both new and old - have been uploaded, and will continue to be uploaded over the next week or so. Public domain pieces are completely available for download, scores and parts. A "pay what you can" button has also been added, to help with website maintenance.

If you are looking for an arrangement or transcription, send me an email.

Some of the new uploads:

  • Debussy's La fille aux cheveux de lin for euphonium and piano
  • Mozart's O Isis und Osiris for euphonium and piano, and for tuba and piano
  • Bridal Chorus for tuba-euphonium quartet or ensemble (I know from experience that it works great at weddings!)
  • Suo Gan for various ensembles

As always, I would enjoy hearing from you if you perform any of these. Drop me a line.

Prayer - Gershwin vis a vis Evans & Davis

My final paper for my Gerswhin class is about Gil Evans' arrangement of Porgy and Bess, and the famous Miles Davis album of the same title. As part of the paper - and partly because I find it to be such a moving piece - I transcribed Miles' solo on "Prayer (Oh, Doctor Jesus)". (For more visit /blog)
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"Bard" Video

As I've blogged about earlier, I recently revised a transcription of Brad Mehldau's "Bard" from his 1999 album Elegiac Cycle. It's a deceptive piece, looking (and sounding) pretty easy, but the constant harmonic shifts add new levels of difficulty. I recorded the audio on my iPhone (using iTalk Lite), and the video was recorded on a Sony Cybershot. I know the audio doesn't sync up all the time (I wasn't playing with a click track ...), and the visual transitions are abrupt, but I figure that just gives me something more to work on with my next video. I had hoped to include a few still images, too, but I couldn't get that part to work out right. (See more at
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