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Bard - Brad Mehldau

I proofed through my transcription of Bard and I think I got the typos out. I'll probably move it over to a Transcriptions page, once I get some more posted, but for now there's a PDF on my Arrangements page (or you can view it here). It's a locked file - if you're interested in getting the PDF, just contact me.

If you know this piece and have any suggestions for me, or spot any errors, please let me know. It looks a lot worse than it really is; I had a hard time figuring out if I should use a lot of sharps or a lot of flats, definitely avoiding mixing the two (in the same measure, at least) and after playing through it recently and looking at it a little more, more sharps than flats seemed the way to go.

You can hear Mehldau's recording of the piece via

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